About us

IĮ „Bumaris“

IĮ Bumaris provides technical roadside assistance in the Kaunas region. Services are provided all the time, regardless of the time of day, or other circumstances. We believe that people who experience unexpected difficulties are entitled to prompt and pleasant professional help. We are happy to make a difficult moment at least a little easier. Thank you for trusting us.

We would not be able to provide technical assistance on the road without a special vehicle - a car carrier, also popularly known as a trawl or tow truck. This special-purpose vehicle has a hydraulic platform and a powerful hydraulic winch, so unlike traditional carriers, we can provide services that are unique to technical assistance. Transport completely deformed vehicles, open them, pull them off the road. For these reasons, we can honestly call it roadside assistance.

Obviously, all the advantages of a special technique can be exploited when it is used by personnel who know their job. Our driver has a transport engineering education, the required categories, and driver qualification card, and has gained experience driving various vehicles on the road and at the airport. The practice gained in the field of aviation is unique in that accuracy and punctuality are most valued properties.

No one can deliberately predict a traffic accident. What we can really take care of is that the equipment used is as safe as possible and properly maintained. Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when it is impossible to do without the help of others. We make sure that in the event of an unexpected situation, you can cope as easily as possible and have as few worries as possible. Every client deserves pleasant communication and helps as needed.

We invite you to call us 24 hours a day or write an e-mail.