Car transportation

The need to transport a car does not always arise after an accident. Sometimes, for legal reasons, a car simply cannot be legally involved in traffic or needs to be transported from one workshop to another in order for repairs to continue.
We can transport any vehicle, whether it can move on its own or not. We can also transport a car with non-rotating wheels. The only condition is a cargo weight of up to 3.5 tons.

Transportation of a car with a damaged chassis or body geometry

If an accident has caused significant damage to a car and it is not only unfit to continue the journey, but has also fundamentally changed the shape of the car, or perhaps the car has become completely unrecognizable after a rollover? It’s a shame that happened, but you always have to think about what the best thing can be done in the current situation.
Whether the accident happened on a busy street or a country road where the traffic is not high, in any case a car needs to be transported, or at least what is left of it. And if a simple car can also help transport a car after a minor breakdown, only a special technical support car with all the necessary equipment can help after such accidents.

Transportation of extremely low cars

Cars are lowered not only to improve their appearance, but also for better handling and adaptability to motorsport. Our equipment and experience allow us to transport extremely low cars without damaging them.
Extremely low cars can be transported by a truck equipped with hydraulic platform. No additional runs are required for such platform, as the platform itself descends to surface on which the vehicle stands.

Opening of cars, SUVs and minibuses on wheels

It is no secret that after more complex traffic accidents, vehicles find themselves in the most unexpected places and do not always stand on wheels. Although most of these defects are unsuitable for repair and the vehicle does not return to traffic, it is only in the event of such an accident that one should rejoice if no one has been injured and find a way to remove the obstruction from the carriageway or other location.
A prerequisite for the service is that the vehicle must be no further than 5 meters from the carriageway.

Minor repairs and diagnostics on the road

Transporting the car to a service center is not always the only way out. Sometimes a few steps are enough and the car can continue the journey again.
At the place where the car stopped, our driver can identify the current problem and decide if there is a way to solve the problem on the spot. If it turns out that a specific defect has occurred that can be quickly repaired by a specialist workshop, then we will be able to transport the car there immediately.

Transportation of construction and special machinery

We transport machinery that is self-propelled or has wheels but is not intended for operation on public roads. The weight of the cargo may not exceed 3.5 tons.
The platform is solid, regular shape, and has no cavities in the middle, so loads of different sizes can be secured and there is no risk of them falling off.

Wheel replacement

Even a simple puncture of a wheel can seriously ruin a trip. And if the car does not have a spare wheel and all the necessary tools to change the wheel or you do not know how to do it then there are additional problems.
It is good that we can help even in this case.
If the car has a spare wheel that can be replaced, then we will get to where you stopped and replace the wheel. We will use our own tools for replacement, so a jack, wrench, and other tools are not necessary.

Stuck assistance, stretching on the carriageway

Even getting stuck within the city area is easy. Not all roads are maintained equally well, and sometimes the road surface looks deceptive at first glance. Unfortunately, when a car hangs on the bottom and gets stuck, it often becomes impossible to drive on its own.
Leaving the carriageway also often makes it difficult to get back on it. Although this usually happens during the cold season, when the resulting layer of snow and snow reduces the adhesion of the car's tires to the road surface, the chosen high speed or reckless maneuver also occurs during the warm season.

Fuel delivery and starting the car

While every technically tidy car warns of running out of fuel and the exclamation point on the car’s dashboard is easily noticeable, it still happens that at some point the fuel runs out just on the road. We understand that the situation is disappointing, but the problem can be easily solved.
If you realize that you have run out of fuel, give us a call, let us know your location and type of fuel, and we will deliver the fuel and fill the car tank as soon as possible.

Starting the engine when the battery is low

When the car battery is discharged, it becomes impossible to start its engine. It is good that in this case, it is not necessary to transport the car to the workshop. It is possible to come to the place where the car is and start the engine using an external power source.
If the car's battery charging system functions properly and the battery is discharged due to malfunctioning devices or other accidental causes, then after starting the engine from an external power source, the battery should be recharged after a while and the car should not recur.

Transportation of construction materials and large loads

Although our core business is exclusive to assist vehicles and their drivers, we have found that we can be useful in other areas as well. The "trawl" platform we use is completely straight, so it is possible to transport various materials or place pallets with cargo on it. In contrast to vans with only the rear opening, this special transport makes it possible to lower the entire platform on which the load can be placed. This feature makes it easier to transport and move some loads.

Other services

You’ve probably realized that providing roadside assistance is a challenging job, constantly accompanied by non-standard situations. It is good that this is what encourages people to engage in this activity and does not allow work to become monotonous. New challenges and new insights and trials can open up new opportunities and unique solutions.
We can provide other services that can be performed using our specific techniques and applying the unique experience. We are a young company and we always try to find new, non-standard solutions. If you have an idea of ​​what we can be useful for, don’t hesitate and get in touch, maybe we’ll find a way and the collaboration will provide mutual benefits