Where can I see your customer feedback?

You can find all the reviews and evaluations of our services in our Google My Business account. It would be a great pleasure if you could express your opinion and evaluate the quality of the services provided after the services have been provided. We can enjoy good feedback on our work together and constructive criticism helps us to improve and provide even better quality services in the future.

Do you issue an invoice after paying for the services?

Yes, services are provided officially and an invoice is issued for each payment.

Do you provide roadside assistance only in Kaunas region?

Technically, we can provide roadside assistance throughout Lithuania, but transport is considered in Kaunas, therefore, due to time and other costs, we provide roadside assistance in the Kaunas region. From here, we transport cars to the whole Lithuania. If necessary possible to transport to neighbour countries. Kaunas region includes Kaunas, Prienai, Raseiniai, Jonava, Kėdainiai, Kaisiadorys cities and districts, and Birstonas city municipality.

What is the maximum weight of the car you can transport?

We transport all types of vehicles up to 3.5t.

Will the car be transported if it lost the wheel or the body was severely deformed and liquids were spilled during the accident?

Really so. Even very heavily deformed cars can be transported with special aids. During loading and unloading, every effort shall be made to minimize damage to the environment and to preserve the vehicle as far as possible.

How is the aid price calculated at night and on public holidays?

Roadside assistance costs 1.5 times more at night, on weekends, and on holidays.

Will my expenses be reimbursed by insurance if I receive an invoice for roadside assistance?

For drivers whose car has KASKO insurance, all roadside assistance costs are reimbursed by the insurance company, unless otherwise provided in the insurance contract. For drivers whose car has Liability Insurance and the accident was not their fault, all roadside assistance costs are also reimbursed by the insurance company. Drivers whose car has Liability Insurance and the accident was caused by their fault should be consulted with the insurance company regarding the reimbursement of roadside assistance services.

How are you doing?

Okay. How are you?

Is it possible to transport a car with a lowered chassis?

Yes, thanks to the regular-shaped hydraulic platform, which is lowered to the carriageway during loading, cars with a lower-than-standard chassis are loaded without damage. In cases where the car is extremely low, additional wooden pads are used to eliminate minor surface irregularities.

What restrictions apply to the transported cargo?

Basically, there is only a weight limit, the load must weigh up to 3.5t. The dimensions of the platform are 2.3x5.6m, so all standard cars of this weight fit without any problems.

How long does it take for help to arrive?

As standard, within the city limits, help arrives within 15-30min, and on the highway depending on the distance. By contacting the phone before confirming the order, you will be warned how long to wait for help and you will be able to decide if the offer is accepted.

Can passengers be transported with the car?

In addition to the driver, the car also has two seats for passengers. They can ride with the transported car. If there are more passengers, then they will have to drive a different way, because sitting in a transported car is forbidden by Road Traffic Regulations.

Will it be possible to transport a car that does not have a loop to attach the rope?

No need to worry if you can't find the towing eye, we'll load the car without damaging it using a special technique.

Is it possible to pay for the services with a payment card?

For now, payment can be made in cash or by mobile payment, bank transfer. If necessary, we will introduce payment card payment in the future.

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